Muna Tlou : The Bull Elephant Sculpt-Chair

Muna Tlou is Bull Elephant is the Sestwana language

This functional sculptural chair, handcrafted from mild metal, symbolises the harmony that is possible between man and nature but remains all too elusive in the modern world.
The elephant below carries the world on his shoulders as a modern day Atlas. The back of the chair evokes weaponry – a shield of an arrow tip. In many traditional African cultures man was able to live and hunt side by side with these sentient gentle giants of the animal kingdom. Yet in Issa’s home country of Cote d’Ivoire, there has been a spectacular failure to preserve sufficient habitat for the national emblem, making sightings of Ivorian elephants only possible if they refer to a member of the national football team!
What would the world be like without elephants? Can we create a journey for mankind with space for all the other kinds? PLEASE LETS!

An example of Issa’s sculptural functional art…Commissions welcome.