Issa Ouattara Sculpture and Sculpt-Art


A short drive from Melbourne, near Daylesford, Issa Ouattara designs and creates unique, contemporary, handcrafted artworks primarily in mild steel with occasional integration of other media. Issa designs and handcrafts sculptures, indoor and outdoor furniture including chairs, lounges, tables, lamps and other functional objects. Issa delights in the creative process and relishes the opportunity to collaborate with clients to create a unique artwork suited for their unique setting and tastes. Each artwork is proudly Australian made with design and handcrafting by Issa in his studio in Franklinford near Daylesford in Central Victoria.

In his contemporary sculptural expression Issa draws on his West African cultural and artistic heritage as well as his life experience to create large figurative sculptures and functional sculpt-artworks which evoke strong and positive feelings. The integration of the ‘old/ancient’ with the ‘new/now’ is subconscious but clearly present. The masculine media of mild steel is transformed to the feminine by Issa’s flowing forms including soft dynamic curves. While each piece is deeply personal embodying a part of Issa’s essence, Issa hopes that each artwork can speak to its audience without accompanying narrative or explanation.

Commissions and Online Orders

Issa would be delighted to design and create a unique commission perfect for your unique location and tastes. Issa also has a range of unique contemporary artworks which you can order online which can be shipped to you anywhere in Australia or around the world.
Click here to visit Issa’s Gallery or here to contact us about a commission.

Visit Us

If you would like to see our products, we have items on display at our Sculpture Garden at the Historic Methodist Church in Franklinford near Daylesford around 90 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD (open weekends and by appointment) click here to find us.
Issa also regularly participate in solo and group exhibitions click here to see current and upcoming exhibitions.